Olympic swimmers warned over endorsements

15 April, 2012

A thing of the past: Endorsement tweets

A thing of the past: Endorsement tweets

Some of Britain’s top swimmers have been warned about endorsing brands via their personal twitter accounts.

Respected academic periodical The Daily Mail has reported that some celebrities, including many of Britain’s aquatic Olympians, mention individual brands without confirming that they are being paid, either in cash or gifts, by the specific companies involved.

This practice, ‘deceptive advertising’, while common across the internet, is technically against the law and has already been the subject of warnings from the Office of Fair Trading.

In light of these warnings, The Wobbly Block has taken the decision to abandon all its philanthropic plans for gifts in the run-up to the Games, so as not to cause any difficulties for our potential medallists. Dame Rebecca Adlington will no longer be receiving 28 miles of standard-gauge Wobbly Block railway track and Liam Tancock will have to do without 25 Wobbly Block Siamese fighting fish.

Anyone looking to purchase 28 miles of standard-gauge railway track (including sleepers) or over two dozen Siamese fighting fish (not including aquarium) should contact @wobblyblock via twitter.