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20 February, 2011

DISAPPOINTING: Men's synchro team still have some way to go before 2012

DISAPPOINTING: Men's synchro team still has some way to go before London 2012

15 February, 2011

OBVIOUS: British Swimming website pretty much answers its own question

OBVIOUS: British Swimming website pretty much manages to answer its own question

Tesco chosen to take over London’s Olympic stadium

Tesco: Value

Tesco: Value

Supermarket giants Tesco have been chosen as the preferred new owners of the London Olympic Stadium, to take control of the site immediately after the closing ceremony in 2012.

Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) executives chose the titans of retail over rival bids from a selection of different groups and organisations including West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur and Lidl.

The Tesco plans include completely demolishing the stadium, aquatic centre and veladrome and replacing them with a ‘large’ Super Tesco Plus Extra store and a ‘great big’ car park for use by shoppers and drivers alike.

In exchange for the comprehensive removal of the venue’s sports facilities, Tescos have agreed to supply new sand for the long jump pits at the Crystal Palace athletics stadium and four new blocks for the neighbouring swimming pool.

‘Why didn’t we think of that?’ asked a representative from Greenwich Leisure Limited whilst simultaneously banging his palm on his forehead.

Colin Brown, director of London Swimming and an expert in good ideas, unfortunately had no comment to make.

9 February, 2011

FOR SALE: Life-size Sharron Davies statues fly of supermarket shelves

FOR SALE: Life-size statues of crouching Sharron Davies fly off supermarket shelves