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20 August, 2010

REVEALED: New Speedo ad tickels Andrew Lauterstein's fancy

LAUNCHED: New Speedo advertisement tickles Andrew Lauterstein's fancy

EXCLUSIVE: One in six British adults has urinated in pool

Petting: No

Petting: No

One in six British adults has urinated in a public swimming pool, according to a survey conducted by leading research agency YouGov in partnership with The Wobbly Block.

The finding comes after survey respondents were given a list and asked to select all the things they had ever done in a public swimming pool.¬† While 17% admitted¬† to having urinated in a pool, this was greater than the 14% who have violated the famous ‘No Petting’ rule and passionately kissed someone.

Other rule breaking behaviour included nearly half of adults (47%) having entered a pool without showering first, one in six (17%) had run on poolside and just over one in ten (11%) had dived in without knowing how deep the water is. One in 20 (5%) even admitted to smoking.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the 17% British figure is exactly the same as the result found in a recent survey conducted in the United States on the same subject.

Colin Brown, director of London Swimming and a watersports aficionado, unfortunately had no comment to make.

You can show your support (or not) on the issue via the Wobbly Shop.

Europeans prove that British girls are great on their back

Who da Fran: Halsall

Who da Fran: Halsall

The British team are returning from the European Swimming Championships in Budapest with a record haul of medals.

With concentration split between events in Hungary and the Commonwealth Games some competitor’s focus was said to lie elsewhere with rumours of some being fully prepared and tapered while others were not. However, none of this prevented the swimmers bringing home the largest number of medals ever won by Britain at a European Championships.

In total 18 medals were won, including six golds. Only the French and Russians won more gold medals, with only the former taking home a greater medal total.

The gold rush began on the first day with Hannah Miley winning in the famously-easy 400m individual medley and lasted until the final day when the women’s 4x100m medley relay were awarded gold for the third successive championships after the Russians were disqualified.

With five medals, Liverpool’s Fran Halsall lead the team in terms of personal medal haul, including gold in both the 100m freestyle and as part of the medley relay team. Amongst the other British champions were Lizzie Simmonds and Gemma Spofforth who won gold and silver in the 200m backstroke before reversing positions in the 100m backstroke.

The domination of the British women in the backstroke events has lead many to suggest their rivalry means they are destined to become the Steve Ovett and Seb Coe for a new generation. Only female. And in a swimming pool.

Britain’s National Performance Director said ‘Hi! I’m Michael Scott! It’s been a great week of swimming . . . We come out of this meet with a great sense of confidence moving forward. Bang – and the Euros are gone!’

‘Bring on the oasis!’ added Sharron Davies, later blaming predictive text for her cryptic messages.

14 August, 2010

DENIED: Foster and Parry fail audition to promote Interflora

DENIED: Foster and Parry fail audition to star in new Interflora advertisement